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Goff & Matthews win over $25,000 on Choke Canyon in Bass Champs South Region
By: Patty Lenderman

Bass Champs South Region is in full swing for the 2008 season. 174 teams converged on Choke Canyon for the third of five tournaments. Lots of big stringers and big bass were brought in, all trying to collect a part of the $50,100 paid out in cash and prizes. Gerald Goff & Ed Matthews won 1st place for more than $25,000!

“We had a good day” Gerald began. “We drew boat #6, and we ran up river to a spot I had found pre-fishing. The fish were spawning there, but we weren’t targeting them. We fished in less than 4’ in the hydrilla, broadcasting.” They started out using Zoom Horny Toads, and had a limit by 8:05am. “We caught about two limits using the Horny Toads, then switched to Senko’s and started catching bigger fish.” They also had some luck on a swim bait and speed craws. They stayed in one area all day, never cranking the big motor until it was time to come in. “We didn’t land any big bass, we just had all solid fish.” Their five fish limit weighed 28.64 pounds! Bass Champs presented them with $20,000 for their 1st placed win. They’d like to thank Lance Campers from Princess Craft in Austin, Edge Diesel Programming, and Waterloo Rods. Gerald is a Nitro National Team member, but they were fishing out of Ed’s Skeeter boat and won an additional $5,000 bonus from Skeeter. Winning more tournament sponsor money, they also collected $200 for the Sure-Life bonus.

Dario Guerra & Robert Amaya were pretty excited about their 2nd place finish, winning $3,000. “We got a good draw, boat #20” Dario recapped. “All of our fish were pretty shallow, less than 4’ around grass.” They were using Lake Fork swim baits with huge 7/0 hooks. They only caught about 15 bass all day, but they were all in the three pound plus range. All but one, that is. Robert caught the Big Bass of the tournament weighing 10.24 pounds! “It was in about a foot and a half of water, right on the bank. It put up a good fight coming in, and when I tried to net her she went under the boat and I had to back off and let him fight her a little more. We really didn’t know she was that big until we got her in the net!” That was around 10am, and it took the team a while to settle down after all the excitement. “We were high-fiving, we were really excited. It was a pretty fun day for sure!” They had a host of nice fish in their creel, for a total weight of 26.74 pounds. They won an additional $1,000 for Big Bass honors, and they also won the Abu Garcia Revo Reel bonus and each received a new reel. Robert owns Robert’s Fish N Tackle in Zapata, TX where they got all of their lures from.

Tony and Anthony Gabrysch, a father and son team, came on strong to win 3rd place with 26.56 pounds. Anthony had the opportunity to do a little pre-fishing and found some promising areas. “We fished a series of points today. At first we were using white spinnerbaits, and had a limit in the boat by 8:30. After that we switched to worms and worked the same points again.” They backed off, finding better bass in 8’-15’ depths. Around 9:40 they boated a 9.42 lb giant! “It’s kind of funny, really. Dad won $100 with a scratch-off ticket the day before, we fished our first Bass Champs tournament together, drew boat #2 and won 3rd place! This was the best father - son time ever. I’ll never forget it. Dad’s getting up in age and I really wanted to have this experience with him. This will be one of the great memories in my life.” Bass Champs presented them with $2,000 for their win.

The rest of the weights stacked up tight, only small increments seperating top 10:
4th $1,200 24.96 lbs Ray Hanselman & Dustin Angle
5th $1,100 24.34 lbs Rick Rickman & Elroy Krueger
6th $1,050 22.24 lbs Duane Lyssy & Jimmy Davis
7th $1,040 21.86 lbs Tony Gutierrez & Bill Garza
8th $1,030 21.82 lbs Cory Harper & Tracy Nichols
9th $1,020 21.80 lbs Felipe Delagarza & Dolores Robles
10th $1,010 21.60 lbs Tim Cook & Brian Washburn

Sponsor Bonus Winners:
Skeeter Boat Bonus $5,000 Gerald Goff & Ed Matthews
Abu Garcia Revo Reel Dario Guerra & Robert Amaya
Sure Life Bonus $200 Gerald Goff & Ed Matthews

With three tournaments wrapped up and only two to go, teams are fishing hard for points.
Top 5 in the Angler of the Year points race:
568 pts Felipe De La Garza & Dolores Robles
549 pts Charlie Forster & Tommy Lackey
537 pts Lee Leonard & Michael Bronder
524 pts Beau Schott & Blake Barnett
517 pts Ray Hanselman & Dustin Angle
517 pts (tie) Derrick Kuyrkendall & Forrest Wilson

There are two tournaments left for the South Region. April 26 will be on Falcon Lake, then back to Choke Canyon for the final. Join Bass Champs March 29th on Sam Rayburn for the 1st Annual Dawson Marine Big Bass tournament! Hourly checks plus more for the overall winners! Call 817-439-3274 or visit www.basschamps.com for more information.
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