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Date: September 15, 2012
Region: 2012 Bass Champs Championships
Tournament: North Championship 2012
Tournament Trail: 2012 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Terry Peacock & Tim Cline crowned Champions at Bass Champs on Lake Lewisville
By: Patty Lenderman

Skeeter Bass Champs anglers headed to Lake Lewisville September 14-15, 2012 to wrap up the North Region Championship. A Skeeter Zx20 powered by a Yamaha 225SHO was on the line for the number one team with the most weight over the course of two days. Terry Peacock and Tim Cline stayed on top of the pack both days to win with over 33 pounds.

Qualified anglers from all the regions – North, South, Central and East – can fish in all four Bass Champs Championships. Participants were fishing for a whopping 316% payback in this event with cash and prizes.

There were a lot of limits brought in the first day of competition, but Terry Peacock and Tim Cline brought in the biggest at 18.83 lbs, giving them a comfortable two pound lead over the rest of the pack. “We had a great first day. Didn’t make any mistakes.” They were fishing a shallow wooded area, lined with old willow trees. “Most of the trees were rotted out, but a few of them were holding good fish.” They were using Texas rigs for their catch. “We had all the fish we needed by 11am.”

Mike and Rob Burns had a 16.31 lb limit in their bag, putting them in second place going into the final day. “We caught a nice five pounder first thing in the morning, which gave us a good start.” Three of their biggest fish the first day were caught in 17’ depths, two others were caught in shallow water near trees and rocks on crank baits.

Right behind them in the rankings were Trevor Romans and Leslie Kennedy biting at their heels with 16.21 lbs. “We used a variety of baits, including topwaters, crank baits, spinnerbaits, jigs and finesse worms.” They focused on shallow water, around docks and rocks. “The bite was really good, but we didn’t have a limit until 1:00.” A five pounder anchored their limit.

Several teams had nice solid kickers in their creel, but Bill and Jeff Steelman had the biggest bass of the day weighing in at 8.01 lbs.

Top five line up Day 1:
18.83 lbs Terry Peacock & Tim Cline
16.31 lbs Mike & Rob Burns
16.21 lbs Trevor Romans & Leslie Kennedy
14.37 lbs Klint Krhovjak & Dan Beard
14.19 lbs Keith Bryan and Billy Cline

Going into day two it was still anyone’s game. However, many teams found that the bite got a lot slower on the final day.

Peacock is a lineman by trade, & Cline works for the City of Sherman. They decided to start their final day in a different area. “We caught one in our first spot, then headed back to our ‘main’ area and caught two more.” The bite was a lot slower. At 11:00 they only had those three fish in the boat. “We started moving around a lot after that, just trying lots of different areas. We finally wrapped up a limit and was able to cull one time before coming in.” Their second day limit weighed 14.77 lbs to win the tournament with 33.60 lbs. Bass Champs presented them with the Skeeter ZX20 powered by a Yamaha 225SHO as the grand prize of the championship. They also received $200 sponsor bonus from Sure-Life for using the product in their livewell. They have been fishing with Bass Champs since the trail was started well over a decade ago, and have enjoyed cashing many checks over the years. They would like to thank Nitro, Mercury and Power Tackle.

Trevor Romans and Leslie Kennedy brought in a 13.22 lb limit on the final day, giving them a total weight of 29.43 lbs to come up from third on day one to win 2nd place. “We went to some of the same spots as we fished the first day, but hit a lot of new areas too.” Using the same variety of baits, they had a limit by 10am. “The fish we caught (on the final day) were just not as big as the ones we caught Saturday.” Trevor works for an environmental testing company while Leslie is an airline mechanic. This duo has been fishing with Bass Champs for the past decade or so and has had several second place finishes. “I just wish we could get 1st place!” Bass Champs presented them with a check for $2,000. Since they were the highest finishing team in a qualified Skeeter boat, Skeeter doubled their winnings to a $4,000 payday. They would like to thank Fun ‘N Sun and Anglers Pro Tackle.

Brothers Mike and Rob Burns had a tough final day. “We started out in the same spot we caught our biggest one the day before.” They hooked, then lost a ‘good one’ first thing in the morning. Concentrating on areas with wood and rock, they managed three bass throughout the day using crank baits and topwater lures. “Rob did catch an eight pound catfish too!” They added ten pounds to their final weight for a 26.31 lb total. Mike is in the profession of financial management while Rob is the owner of Calumet Roof Service. They enjoyed a $1,750 payday for their weekend on the lake.

Lee Yowell and Brian Schott won the Dodge Ram Bonus giving them a free entry into any Bass Champs tournament in the next 12 months to add to their $1,100 winnings for 6th place.

The 8.01 lb Big Bass brought in on day one by Jeff and Bill Steelman held for Big Bass of the tournament, winning a check for $750 including the Line-X bonus.

There are still two championships to go wrapping up the 2012 Bass Champs season. Bass Champs would like to invite qualifiers from all four regions to fish for thousands of dollars being paid out and have a chance to win a new Skeeter boat!

The next opportunity will be at Lake LBJ September 29-30, then the final event will take place on Falcon Lake October 27-28.

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