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Date: June 26, 2010
Region: 2010 East Region
Tournament: Sam Rayburn #5 2010
Tournament Trail: 2010 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Steven and Jason Moorhead top 197 teams at the Final Rayburn event with 25.70
By: Patty Lenderman

What a day on Sam Rayburn as the East Region division of Bass Champs wrapped up their 2010 season. Top weights were stacked tight and two Big Bass over 10 pounds were brought in. Partnering for the first time, the Moorhead brothers topped the field to win $20,000.

There was no mercy for nearly 200 teams as the sun beat down on them all day with relentless heat. Nevertheless, eight sacks over 20 pounds were registered at the scales. Timothy and James Griffin brought in the first one, establishing top marks in both overall weight and Big Bass with their 21.28 lb stringer, including their 10.81 kicker. Several other big bass were brought in over the 8 pound mark, but their overall weights held until Brian Seymore and Jay Burford tallied a 22.56 lb sack taking the lead from them. The sweat on their brow could not be measured by the heat alone as Charlie King and Clifford McCarty heaved their creel to the scales, a 22.55 lb limit – missing the leaders by .01 (equal to a few drops of water or a small shad). Soon thereafter Steven and Jason Moorhead brought their limit up the hill in two separate bags. First weighing their biggest, the sow tipped the scales at 10.28 lbs. Adding their other four, their total weight was 25.70 lbs for a dominating win.

Historically, Steve and Jason Moorhead compete against each other in tournaments. Teaming up was a first for them when they decided to fish this event. “I am a better shallow water fisherman, Jason is strong in deep water,” Steven explained. Between the two they had it covered. “We decided to fish deep – and stay deep, no matter what.” Using red and junebug Carolina rigged worms, they averaged 25’ depths. “We were targeting stumps and lay downs. Jason started our day with the big one. It’s the biggest fish he’s ever caught.” Shortly after that, they lost one in the four pound range, then stayed there until they caught one about that size. “We moved, hitting three other spots and managed one good fish from each to make our limit. We had a lot of bites, but they were hitting short.” Catching around 12 keepers throughout the day, it was the last one that made all the difference for them. “Our last cull was around 2:00. The smallest fish in our well was around 2 ½ pounds, and we were able to cull it with one about 6 ½ pounds.” Their overall stringer went from 21 to 25 pounds with their last fish, giving them a 1st place finish and a $20,000 payday.

Brian Seymore and Jay Burford held on for 2nd place with their 22.56 lb limit. Their line of attack was vastly different. “We tried deep water with jigs, but were only catching small ones.” They decided to head to the backs of coves that had creek channels and brush. “We started throwing frogs, and had a limit in the boat by 9am.” Their initial limit weighed around 18 pounds, which included two seven pounders. “We culled all day. When it was getting close to time to be in, we started working our way back. We made one last cull, exchanging a 2 ½ pounder for a 5.” The team was awarded $4,250 for their finish.

This was a day when 0.01 pounds made a difference in payback by $2,000. Clifford McCarty and Charlie King won 3rd place with their 22.55 lb sack. Going to a spot that has been holding fish for them for months, they used Texas rigged redbug worms in 25-30’. “This was an area that had deep structure. Two broke off on us, and two others pulled off. We could have had this one.” The team was awarded $2,250 for their 3rd place finish.

The 10.81 lb bass weighed in by Timothy and James Griffin held up as Big Bass of the tournament. “We were catchin’ lots of bass on jigs, but they were little ones. After 8:30 it started getting tough. We headed to a brush pile about 28’ deep at a creek bend that had a hump coming up to about 16’. It’s been a good spot for big bass for a long time. When we pulled up to it, we saw a lot of action on our (depth finder).” Tying on a Bull Bream colored DD-22, Tim landed the double digit brute at 9:20. The team won $1,000 for that catch, and finished in 5th place overall for an additional $1,100. They also won the Costa, WFN and Abu Garcia Bonuses for a lucrative day on the lake.

Top teams:
1st $20,000 25.70 lbs Steven Moorhead & Jason Moorhead
2nd $4,250 22.56 lbs Jay Burford & Brian Seymore
3rd $2,250 22.55 lbs Clifford McCarty & Charlie King
4th $1,500 22.05 lbs Brent Broussard & Todd Castledine
5th $1,100 21.28 lbs Timothy Griffin & James Griffin
6th $1,050 20.59 lbs John Lewis Sr & John Burns
7th $1,040 20.32 lbs Yarrie & Macie Schriebvogel
8th $1,030 20.20 lbs Cody Malone & TJ Goodwyn
9th $1,020 19.87 lbs Donald & Bradley Stringer
10th $1,010 19.41 lbs Jaret Latta & Chris Fontenot
and last in the money
26th $600 16.35 lbs Clarence Denby & Daniel Denby

Harold Allen & Albert Collins won the Skeeter Double Money bonus adding $1,000 to their 11th place finish.

Tournament Statistics:
Total Entries: 197 teams
Total Collected: $51,220
Total Payback (C & P) $52,500
Payback Percentage: 102%
Average weight per fish: 2.89 lbs

Now that all five season events have been wrapped up, the Anglers of the Year have been determined. Congratulations to Clayton and Roger Boulware for achieving AOY status for the Bass Champs East Region division! Their entry fees for the 2011 season will be waived in this division.

$50,000 is guaranteed to be paid back in the top three places at the Championship October 2-3 at O.H. Ivie. This will be a no entry fee event with side pot options available. The top 10 teams in the Angler of the Year standings receive free side pot entry!

“We’d like to thank everyone for fishing with us this year,” stated Chad Potts, President/Bass Champs. “It’s been another great season, and we’re already gearing up for 2011. Thank you to all of our sponsors that help make this the best tournament trail in Texas with top paybacks for all of you. Stay tuned to our website www.BassChamps.com for the latest news and updates, but also be sure and know how to cash in on all of the sponsor incentives, putting even more money in your pocket next year. Good luck to all Championship qualifiers!”

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