Bass Champs Softball Team in Camp Victory, Iraq. The backdrop is a bomb bunker that is next both duggouts at the makeshift field the units have built to use during our 6 hours off each week.

Camp Victory, Iraq:  Every Sunday, from 0800 to 1000 in the morning you can find the Bass Champs Sponsored Softball Team the “Surgeon Sturgeons” conducting softball practice in preparation for the Camp Softball tournament June 14th, 2008.  Each Sunday just over 10 members of the 10th Mountain Division’s Division Surgeon Cell Staff gets 6 hours off per week.  With long days, stressful jobs, and 124+ degree temps, and a recommendation by the 10th Mountain Division’s Mental Health Officer MAJ Mike Regal the staff voted to compete in the local camp tournament to relieve some stress.  “It’s a great way to relieve stress, and build team and staff unity…we’re gonna be together for 15 months.”   

One of the members of the team would be ArmyBassAngler Pro MAJ Cody Roberson. Cody, who competitively fishes several of the Team Circuits during his off time in Texas, is a competitive angler on Texas’ #1 Trail, Bass Champs.  Cody sent a quick email to the President of Bass Champs, Chad Potts. Immediately there were hats, shirts, and several other items on their way to Iraq in a care package to the 10th Mountain Division.  Once the shirts and the hats arrived, they were quickly handed out to the whole team and it was time for practice.  “Everyone loved the shirts and hats and we couldn’t wait to get on the field with our new team uniforms.”  And with that, the first ever Bass Champs Sponsored Softball Team in Iraq was formed (The Surgeon Sturgeons) and began practice for the upcoming tournament.   

“We are extremely honored that the guys allowed us to send a care package over and the fact that they named Bass Champs as a sponsor is incredible,” stated Potts.  “We are very proud of all of the men and women serving our country and we appreciate the job they are doing to protect our freedom. They are all heroes in our book.” 

The Members include MAJ Mike Regal, MAJ Doug Badzik, MAJ Cody Roberson, MAJ Sherman Thomas, CPT Mike Hiett, CPT Kristian Mrcozko, MSG Danny Darroch, SFC Cruz-Perez, and SGT Kelly Laird. 

MAJ Mike Regal: MAJ Regal is the Division Surgeon’s Mental Health Officer who oversees policy, procedures, care and subject matter expertise consultation on all matters involving mental health issues to the Division Surgeon and Chief of Staff to the 10th Mountain Division.  

MAJ Sherman Thomas: MAJ Thomas is the Division Patient Administration Officer and Medical Regulating Officer who oversees the accountability, processing, and tracking of all casualties of each Brigade Combat Team and  Slice Elements of the 10th Mountain Division covering MND-Central’s (Multi National Division-Central) Area of Operation (AOR).  

MAJ Cody Roberson:   MAJ Roberson is the Division Surgeon’s Chief of Current Operations for the 10th Mountain Division.  MAJ Roberson is responsible for overseeing, monitoring, coordinating, and supervising all Combat Health Service Support Operations in a 24 to 72 hour period for MND-Central (Multi National Division-Central) Area of Responsibility (AOR) for the entire 10th Mountain Division’s TF (Task Force). 

CPT Mike Hiett: CPT Hiett is the 10th Mountain Division’s Subject Matter Expert for all matters involving Combat Force Health Protection and the Division Surgeon’s consultant to the Chief of Staff of the 10th Mountain Division. 

CPT Kristian Mrcozko: CPT Mrcozko is the Night Battle Captain and Assistant Chief of Current Operations.  CPT Mrcozko assists the Chief of Current Operations in overseeing, monitoring, coordinating, and supervising all current Combat Health Service Support Operations for the 10th Mountain Division. 

MSG Danny Darroch:  MSG Darroch is the 10th Mountain Division’s Division Surgeon Cell’s Sergeant Major.  MSG Darroch is responsible for the overall health, accountability, and administrative care of the entire Division Surgeon Cell’s Staff of 17 personnel while deployed to Iraq. 

SFC Julio Cruz-Perez:  SFC Cruz-Perez is the Night Battle NCO working for the Chief of Current Operations.  SFC Cruz-Perez assists the Night Battle Captain with overseeing, monitoring, coordinating, and supervising all Combat Health Service Support Operations.