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Date: May 19, 2007
Region: 2007 South Region
Tournament: Choke Canyon #2 2007
Tournament Trail: 2007 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Bass Champs South Region wraps up the season with a bang - Mater & Mauldin win with more than 40 pounds!
By: Patty Lenderman

Bass Champs South Region wraps up the season with a bang - Mater & Mauldin win with more than 40 pounds!
By Patty Lenderman

For the second month in a row, Bass Champs South Region anglers revisited Choke Canyon May 19th. This was the final event for this region, and 181 teams pulled out all the stops to win it. Mega sacks were brought to the scales, including five bass over 10 pounds! Brian Mater & Kelley Mauldin weighed in more than 40 pounds to take 1st place winning $20,000!

Mother Nature smiled on this field of anglers. The day began with a cool, cloudy morning with winds out of the southeast at around 15mph. Around 10:00 the clouds dissipated allowing the sun to come out. It was a gorgeous day, and a great day to be fishing.

Kelley Maudin & Brian Mater came in 1st place with 40.02 lbs. “It was a good day!” Kelley stated. “We caught a good limit early on Carolina rigs, then proceeded to cull the rest of the day on crank baits.” The team targeted ledges at main lake points 20-25' deep. “We probably caught around twelve keepers today. At 2:40 I caught our big bass (11.94 pounds) and culled a 4 ½ pounder with it. On the very next cast, I lost a big one. That 45 pound mark could have been in jeopardy!” They won $20,000 for 1st place and took home an extra $200 from Please Release Me products. “We fish the Central and South regions with different partners, and this is our third top 10 finish on Choke. Chad and Jeff really do a great job with this tournament. It is a smooth operation, and very professional. That’s why we keep coming back and fishing it.” They would also like to thank their sponsors - Monster Tackle, Fisherman’s Corner, All Terrain Tackle and Quantum Reels.

Rick Cathey and Brett Fisher won 2nd place with 37.14 lbs. “We drew the #1 boat” Rick explained. “We went right to a main lake point, and were immediately surrounded by twenty other boats. We were fortunate enough to get a couple out of that spot before we were pushed out.” They caught their big bass there, weighing 10.02 lbs, plus another over 6. “After that we headed up river. There’s a spot up there holding post spawn, suspended bass over some tree tops. There we used soft plastics covered in Hold-onz. It’s a soft plastic saver and attractant and really made a difference for us.” They finished their limit with two more in the six pound range and another over eight pounds. “Our two biggest fish were in duress. Around 1:00 we had to decide whether to keep fishing or head in and try to save the fish. We headed in.” Cathey and Fisher have had several top 10 finishes, and wrapped up this season with a 2nd place finish, winning $3,000.

Terry Oldham and Jaime Buitron are no strangers to the winners circle. They weighed in 36.76 lbs to take 3rd place and $2,000. “The day started out really good! As soon as we got to our first spot we started catching fish. We had all of our fish by around 9:00" Jaime said. They were fishing a deep water ledge, around 20-28'. Jaime caught their kicker weighing 9.9 pounds on a crank bait. “The key was Oldham’s cranking rod. It’s a great product, and perfect for fishing crank baits.” They hit about 10 different spots, catching fish at each one. “We’d like to give a special thanks to Lowrance, and to Larry Byrd for programming the unit for us.” They’d also like to thank Vexlar, and Oldham’s products. “We really appreciate our family for putting up with us and our fishing, and thank the Good Lord for blessing us.” This finish cinched Anglers of the Year title for them for the second year in a row!

Out of all the big bass brought to the scales, the biggest of them all weighed 12.34 lbs. Ron Ricketts and JW Lackey brought this monster to the scales and won $1,000 for her. That one fish weighed more than half of their entire limit. Their total weight was 21.36 pounds, winning 22nd place overall.

Top Teams:
1st $20,000 40.02 lbs Brian Mater & Kelley Mauldin
2nd $ 3,000 37.14 lbs Rick Cathey & Brett Fisher
3rd $ 2,000 36.76 lbs Terry Oldham & Jaime Buitron
4th $ 1,200 36.24 lbs Ira Lynn & Danny Moy
5th $ 1,100 x 2 34.40 lbs Carrie Fojtik & Henry Fojtik
6th $ 1,050 33.48 lbs Jeffrey Piel & Chris Snyder
7th $ 1,040 32.82 lbs Shane Gibson & Jimmy Johnson
8th $ 1,030 30.80 lbs Tim Blanchette & Ted Sprencel
9th $ 1,020 30.36 lbs Forrest Wilson & Derick Kuyrkendall
10th $ 1,010 30.02 lbs Brian Fleming Jr & Mike Fleming
.......and last in the money.......
25th $ 500 20.50 lbs Lyle Larson & Travis Lynch

Big Bass:
12.34 lbs $1,000 Ron Ricketts & JW Lackey
More big bass weighed in:
11.94 lbs Brian Mater & Kelley Mauldin
10.64 lbs Glenn Erskine & Ryan Erkskine
10.46 lbs Tim Blanchette & Ted Sprencel
10.02 lbs Rick Cathey & Brett Fisher

Bonus Money:
Skeeter Bonus $1,100 Carrie & Henry Fojtik
Sure Life Bonus $ 200 Brian Mater & Kelly Mauldin

Total cash and prizes: $49,100.00

It’s been a tight run in the points race this year. Terry Oldham & Jaime Buitron achieved top spot for the second year in a row to win 2007 Anglers of the Year. Congratulations!
Top Six in the points standings:
984 Terry Oldham & Jaime Buitron
970 Forrest Wilson & Derick Kuyrkendall
933 Chance Hundley & Cody Hundley
927 Wendell Ramsey & Ronnie Wallace
923 Albert Hudson & Bill Kingsbery
920 Rick Cathey & Bret Fisher
The Championship will be a two day event, October 27-28. The location of the Championship will be kept secret as long as possible. Each Championship will feature two regions, with the South and Central region competing together for more than $100,000! It will be an exciting event, and it will be Nationally Televised on The Outdoor Channel.

No sense in twiddling your thumbs until then! Sign up now to fish the Dodge Mega Bass tournament on Sam Rayburn July 29. This will be the biggest hourly one day Big Bass tournament in the Country! Seven Dodge trucks will be given away, and a whole lot of cash will be won too.

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