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Date: April 28, 2007
Region: 2007 Central Region
Tournament: Lake Belton #2 2007
Tournament Trail: 2007 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Trower & Stafford win $20,000 on Belton at Bass Champs
By: Patty Lenderman

Trower & Stafford win $20,000 on Belton at Bass Champs
By Patty Lenderman

For the second time this season, Bass Champs Central Region went to Lake Belton. Nearly $50,000 was up for grabs in cash and prizes, and 181 teams went after it.

Ronnie Trower & Bret Stafford took home the top $20,000 check bringing in an 18.10 lb limit. “We had a pretty good day” Bret said. “I’ve lived on the lake all my life. Ronnie and I weren’t really on any fish in practice, so we just went fishing. We’ve fished this lake for about 30 years, so we know lots of places. Most of the fish we caught were in the mid lake area, but we hit about 30 spots all day. We were using a new Strike King bait, called a Rage Tail.” They were Carolina rigging the craw worm and shad in about 12-20' of water. “The second fish we caught was our biggest, about 7 pounds. By 9:00 we had a limit in the boat.” Today every ounce counted, and they won by just over a quarter of a pound. “We’d like to thank Strike King for letting us test their baits!”

Paul Vaughan and Kenneth Fuller, Jr took 2nd place with 17.72 lbs. “We were boat #150. When we took off, we headed up river. At 7:30, we caught our first keeper. By 9:30 we were culling.” Paul explained they were using green pumpkin Carolina rigged Lake Fork Ring Craws. “We went to a lot of areas, but tried to stay with secondary points with spotty grass in 10-15'. Our initial limit only weighed about eight pounds, and we were able to cull all of those.” Their biggest bass weighed about 6 ½ lbs, landing them in 2nd place for $3,000. They were also the highest finishing qualified Skeeter boat team, so they doubled their winnings to a $6,000 day. “This is our third year fishing Bass Champs. We usually fish the North Region - this is our first year fishing the Central Region!”

Andy Whitehead caught the biggest bass of the tournament, weighing 8 pounds even. “I was fishing a break line down a creek channel. The first fish I caught weighed about 2 ½ lbs. The second fish was this big one!” He used a Norman Bait Deep Little N. “This ridge dropped from three feet to 6 feet deep, and I was fishing parallel with it.” He caught her around 7:45. “It was a little bit of a rodeo trying to net her by myself. She kept diving, but at least she wasn’t jumping!” Andy won $1,000 for his Big Bass, and placed 21st place overall for an additional $500. He also received the Revo Reel Bonus. “I’d like to thank Theresa for letting me fish!”

Top Teams:
1st $20,000 18.10 lbs Ronnie Trower & Bret Stafford
2nd $ 3,000 x 2 17.72 lbs Paul Vaughan & Kenneth Fuller Jr
3rd $ 2,000 17.08 lbs Gerald Poboril & Jack Powe
4th $ 1,200 15.74 lbs Jim Hester & Chet Sutton
5th $ 1,100 14.82 lbs Rodney Gaskill & Sophal Korng
6th $ 1,050 13.46 lbs Phil Marks & Tim Reneau
7th $ 1,040 13.38 lbs Brandon Tingey & Randel Cantwell
8th $ 1,030 12.86 lbs Lee Beuershausen & Lance Dillard
9th $ 1,020 12.78 lbs GT Cantrell
10th $ 1,010 12.70 lbs Phillip Walker & Scott Franklin
.........and last in the money.......
25th $ 500 11.62 lbs Hunter Jordan & Ronald Sisk
Big Bass $1,000 8.00 lbs Andy Whitehead & Cannon Elkins

Skeeter Bonus $ 3,000 Paul Vaughan & Kenneth Fuller Jr
Revo Reel Bonus Andy Whitehead

The last Central Region event will be held on Choke Canyon out of Caliham Park June 9th. It will be the last push for points, and the race is tight.
Top 5 points leaders:
707 Charles Gerhart & David Shuster
680 Lee Beuershausen & Lance Dillard
660 Keith Combs & Landan Ware
655 Charles Whited & Jason Buchanan
641 Paul Vaughan & Kenneth Fuller Jr

The Championship for the Central Region will be October 20-21. The South and Central Regions will compete together for over $100,000 in cash!

It’s a long jump between the final tournament in June and the Championship in October. On July 29th, Bass Champs will be hosting the world’s richest one day big bass tournament on Sam Rayburn. Sign up for the Dodge Mega Bass Tournament, and you may go home in a brand new Dodge pick up truck!

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