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Date: April 14, 2007
Region: 2007 North region
Tournament: Lake Lewisville 2007
Tournament Trail: 2007 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Rose & Alexander enjoy a ‘Three-peat’ on Lewisville at Bass Champs
By: Patty Lenderman

Bass Champs anglers were undaunted by the chilly weather, high waves and tough bite on Lake Lewisville April 14. $52,000 was up for grabs and 194 teams took on the challenge to win a part of it. Several teams cashed in on a variety of bonuses, and Robby Rose and Robert Alexander won the North Region’s Lewisville event for the third year in a row.

The area has been inundated with nasty weather for the past several days. Due to the prevailing high winds, the decision to allow trailering was made. The teams scattered to boat ramps all over the lake to get closer to the areas they planned to fish.

There were only six limits brought in, and Robby Rose & Robert Alexander took 1st place with 17.92 lbs. In five years of fishing Bass Champs events, this is their sixth first place win, and the third consecutive win on Lake Lewisville. “The wind was blowing really hard today” Robby began as he talked about their day. “My partner, Robert, had an upset stomach but was a real trooper to hang in there all day. We tried to use Mother Nature as an ally. We saw shad flicking everywhere on our three best wind blown areas.” They were using Strike King spinnerbaits. “We missed our first two striking fish, and then I remembered a tip from a fellow Nitro Team member - Kevin Van Dam. (Per his tip) we trimmed our spinnerbait skirts way back. We netted the next three fish.” These fish were also the biggest in their creel. “We found our fish in shallow flooded brush.” Using a Strike King Series 2 crank bait, they rounded out their limit. “We’d like to thank Bass Champs for always keeping the safety of their anglers a top priority. We also give glory to the Lord for the safety of all of the anglers return today.” They won $20,000 for 1st place, plus the $1,000 Line-X bonus, another $250 from Sure Life products and a $1,000 Skeeter Boats certificate from Fun-n-Sun Boating Center.

The second top limit of 16.34 lbs was brought in by Kris Chitty & Billy Lawson. “It was windy & cold!” Kris said. “Fishing was tough. It (the fishing) would have been decent with better weather. We flipped Strike King Denny Brauer green pumpkin jigs in one spot at the tires. The fish were suspended at 3' in 25' of water.” Their fishing area was right in the wind, and by noon they had completely spent their trolling motor battery. “Around noon, we had to motor up, go buy a new trolling motor battery and get back out there.” It took them all day to put a limit together, easing their fifth fish into the livewell around 2:00. They were able to cull one more time just before having to head in. “They were all nice chunks except for one that weighed about a pound and a half.” They enjoyed a $4,000 check for their 2nd place finish.

Steve Angell and Tim Wooldridge won 3rd place and the Skeeter Bonus with 13.44 lbs, doubling their $2,000 winnings for a $4,000 finish. “We got to practice one time about a week ago” Steve began. We found water that was holding a few fish, and we left it alone. There was one boat ramp near that spot, and it was gated. We had to get the combination to the lock to get into the ramp. The waves on the lake were ungodly. We knew the fish were there, so we had to get back to them.” They were the only ones at that ramp. “Once we launched, we didn’t even crank up the big motor. The area we fished was within about 300 yards of the ramp. Tim caught our first fish, a 5 ½ pounder in about 30 minutes. We were using Texas rigged watermelon/chartreuse Lake Fork Tackle lizards with a 1/4 oz weight. The fish were sitting shallow, about 1'-4' in hay like grass. At 10:30, we finally put out third fish in the boat. That was it for us until around 2:10, and by 2:20 we finally had a limit.” They won $2,000 for winning 3rd place. “We bought our Skeeter boat from a guy, it was pretty new. The Skeeter Bonus is only applicable to boats under three years old. This is the last month we would be qualified to win it.” They doubled their win to $4,000. “It was a great day!”

The big bass of the tournament was caught by Kevin Davis, fishing with partner Strider Browning. “We took a whippin’ today” Kevin stated. I caught the big one early on a home made shallow running crank bait. I threw it in a good spot, and cranked my reel handle about a half of a turn. All of a sudden, there she was!” She weighed 6.20 and was the biggest bass weighed in. “We were in the back of a marina, in a fairly protected area. We lost another bass about five casts later, then went a long time without a bite.” About 1:00 they caught one more, and finished 10th place overall with 9.14 lbs. They enjoyed a $1,000 Big Bas check and another check for $1,010 for their overall finish.

Top teams:
1st $22,250 17.92 lbs Robby Rose & Robert Alexander
2nd $ 4,000 16.34 lbs Kris Chitty & Billy Lawson
3rd $ 4,000 13.44 lbs Steve Angell & Tim Wooldridge
4th $ 1,500 13.08 lbs Rick Helmcamp & Gene Lathrop
5th $ 1,100 12.44 lbs Paul Sewell & Mike Adam
....and last in the money....
26th $ 600 5.88 lbs Tim Cline & Raymond Smith
Big Bass $1,000 6.20 lbs Kevin Davis & Strider Browning
Fun -n Sun Cash $ 500 ER Harris & Arthur Tucker
Allen Samuels Bonus $2,000 Michael Burns & Rob Burns

Only two more tournaments to go before the Championship in October. The next North Region tournament will be May 12 on Cedar Creek at Log Cabin.

Top six teams in the points race:
Points Team
608 Rick Helmcamp & Gene Lathrop
601 Michael Burns & Rob Burns
587 Walter Dupree & Frank Hutcheson
582 Brad Morris & Kevin Hatcher
581 Shonn Blassingame & Shane Elmore
575 Allen Shelton & Scott Dean

Don’t forget to mark your calendars to fish the 1st Annual Dodge Mega Bass tournament July 29th on Sam Rayburn. Ten places will be paid each hour, and the biggest bass each hour will win that lucky angler a brand new Dodge pick up truck. For more information on any Bass Champs tournaments, call 817-439-3274 or click to www.basschamps.com.
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