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Date: March 31, 2007
Region: 2007 Central Region
Tournament: Lake LBJ 2007
Tournament Trail: 2007 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Moody & Parker win on LBJ at Bass Champs and take home over $20,000!
By: By Patty Lenderman

Moody & Parker win on LBJ at Bass Champs and take home over $20,000!
By Patty Lenderman

Bass Champs Central Region third tournament of the season took place at Lake LBJ March 31. Nearly 200 teams fished for more than $50,000 paid out in cash and prizes. With recent heavy rains in the area, the lake levels have been jumping up, and site fishing is out with the muddy water. Heath Moody and Zach Parker won the tournament, taking home more than $20,000 with three pounds to spare.

Between water coming in the creeks and tributaries, and water being let out at the dam there was a steady current. Even during the tournament, water was being released at a measurable rate, and some estimated that it dropped 6" that day.

There were only thirty limits brought in, and Heath Moody & Zach Parker brought in the biggest stringer at 17.96 lbs to win the tournament. “During practice, we had caught our fish on flukes” Heath explained. “We were allowed to trailer, so we put in right where we planned to fish. Today the lake was high. We went to the backs of a creek where the water was coming in and flowing. We pitched Strike Works black/blue jigs with Lake Fork craw trailers. We’d pitch them in 10" depths and let the current bring it out to about 5'. There was a lot of floating logs and debris. We stumbled on a pattern and started catching them good. At one point I hooked up on one and told Zach to get the net. Right then, he hooked up too. The Good Lord looked out for us today.” They received $20,000 for 1st place, and won $250 from Please Release Me for using their product in their livewell. They just missed out on the full Skeeter bonus by a mere month and a half, but still received $1,000 from Skeeter for a total winning day of $21,250.

Weights were tight for the next three teams. 2nd place was won by Randy Hibler & Randall Christian with 14.94 lbs. In practice, they had found a lot of fish shallow and in the back of creeks. On tournament day, with the recent rains, the lake came up so fast and then dropped when the flood gates were opened, that tactic no longer worked. Scrambling to find a working pattern, they backed off into deeper water and started slow rolling a big bladed spinnerbait in the middle of pockets. They used a variety of color and sizes of blades searching for fish. By putting the trolling motor on high and covering a lot of water, they managed about 15 keepers to cull from. Squeezing into a 2nd place finish with 14.94 lbs, they received a check for $4,000. Being the highest finishing qualified Skeeter boat team, they doubled their winnings for an $8,000 day.

Eric Cover & Jason Lamberte brought in 14.76 lbs, seizing 3rd place. “We headed out where we found fish during practice. The fish weren’t there today and the lake was muddy. At 7:45 we finally boated one fish, but that was it.” Scrambling trying to find fish, and a pattern to catch them, they went to an area they’ve never fished before. “This is only the third time we’ve fished this lake ever, and only our second tournament.” They were fishing with Senko’s and jigs. “We fished a canal between boathouses, out in the middle in about 3'-5'. Most of our fish came off of jigs.” Between 2:15 and 3:00 they caught four more and wrapped up their limit. When they were ready to come in, they realized that their cranking battery died, so they switched the cables from their trolling motor. “It was close - we almost lost it!” They held it all together and won $2,000 for their 3rd place finish.
The Big Bass of the tournament weighed 7.52 lbs, and was caught by David Stevens. “It was tough!” David began. “We caught several fish, but only three keepers. I caught the big one on a fluke in the dam area. It was about 9:00, in a grassy cove in the buck brush. It was a real light bite. Once I set the hook, she jumped two or three times and ran under the boat.” David credits his partner Bill Kimberly for being an excellent net man. “I’m glad she didn’t break off. We had already missed some and it was a tough bite.” They won $1,000 for Big Bass and tied for 13th place overall with 11.26 lbs for an additional $1,000.
Top Teams:
1st $20,250 17.96 lbs Heath Moody & Zach Parker
2nd $ 4,000 14.94 lbs Randy Hibler & Randall Christian
3rd $ 2,000 14.76 lbs Eric Cover & Jason Lamberte
4th $ 1,500 14.56 lbs Jeff Pitrucha & Scott Dyer
5th $ 1,100 12.98 lbs Joe Medrano & Sammy Jones
6th $ 1,050 12.90 lbs Patrick Anderson & Jerry Johnson
7th $ 1,040 12.66 lbs Floyd Hill & Joe Sierra
8th $ 1,030 12.30 lbs Keith Combs & Landan Ware
9th $ 1,020 12.00 lbs Adrian Sanches & Mike Richardson
10th $ 1,010 11.48 lbs Damon Ross & Scott Ross
........and last in the money.........
26th $ 500 9.28 lbs Charles Gerhart & David Shuster

The points race is heating up with only two tournaments left. The team with the highest points after the last tournament will be Anglers of the Year. Points are tight, and it is still anyone’s game.
Top six teams:
540 Charles Gerhart & David Shuster
535 Keith Combs & Landan Ware
515 Roy Otto & James Small
506 Lee Beuershausen & Lance Dillard
489 Charles Whited & Jason Buchanan
481 Damon Ross & Scott Ross

The next tournament for the Central Region will be April 28 on Lake Belton at Temple Lake Park. The final tournament will be June 9 at Choke Canyon. The highly anticipated Championship for the South and Central regions will be a two day event, Oct 27-28.

Don’t forget to plan to fish the 1st Annual Dodge Mega Bass tournament July 29th on Sam Rayburn. Ten places will be paid each hour, and the biggest bass each hour will win that lucky angler a brand new Dodge pick up truck. A total of seven trucks will be given away, so don’t miss it! For more information on any Bass Champs tournaments, call 817-439-3274 or click to www.basschamps.com.
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