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Date: March 24, 2007
Region: 2007 South Region
Tournament: Lake Falcon 2007
Tournament Trail: 2007 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Rocha & Lozoya shake down the money tree at Bass Champs on Lake Falcon
By: Patty Lenderman

Rocha & Lozoya shake down the money tree at Bass Champs on Lake Falcon
by Patty Lenderman

What a day for the Bass Champs South Region March 24th. Two hundred seven teams competed for over $58,000 paid back in cash and prizes. There were 141 limits, and there were five bass weighing over 10 pounds brought in! Nicolas Rocha and Abelardo Lozoya won $20,000 for 1st place with 31.72 lbs.

The wind was blowing hard, up to 30 mph. It was a battle fighting the wind, so most teams ducked into protected coves. For some, these areas were pretty crowded.

We’ve probably all heard at one time or another that money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s not true for Rocha & Lozoya. Nick explains “There’s this one tree on Falcon that we’ve named the Bass Champs Tree. We never catch any fish off of it except during Bass Champs tournaments.” They went straight to their Bass Champs Tree, and by 8:30 had their limit in the boat. Their limit included a 10.48 lb, a 9, 6, and a couple of 5's. “They were all sitting right under the tree in 3'-5'. We caught them on Texas rigged brush hogs in watermelon green and pumpkinseed. We stayed there until 10:00, but just caught smaller fish after that. We tried to move around, but the wind was so bad that we just went back to our tree. Later we had a big 8-9 pounder hit, but it wrapped up and we couldn’t get it.” Turns out they didn’t need that last fish, taking the win with 31.72 lbs, going home $20,000 richer.

Gerald Goff and Ed Matthews also weighed in more than 30 pounds, taking 2nd place with a total of 30.24 lbs. “We had a good day. We were flipping lizards, anywhere from 5'-12'.” They stayed out on main lake points and fought the wind all day. “We just fished one big spot, about ½ mile long. We had a limit by 8:30, but culled 10 times with better fish.” They pegged a ½ oz weight on their line, and pitched right in the heart of the trees. “The only time we fired up the big motor all day was to go back to our starting point and work the area again. All of our fish were in the six pound range, we just couldn’t find that big bite.” That one spot got them the weight they needed to win 2nd place and $5,000. They were also the highest finishing team in a qualified Skeeter boat, so they doubled their win with another $5,000 to go home with a total of $10,000. “We’ve won a boat from Bass Champs, and the Skeeter Bonus a couple of times now. It is always a pleasure to fish Bass Champs. Chad and Jeff are good guys.”

Michael Bauers and Thomas Haralson took 3rd place with 29.24 lbs. During pre-fish, they had taken separate boats to cover more water. They each located some nice bass, so felt real good about their prospects coming into the tournament. “The key was to find hardwoods on a creek channel” Michael explained. “We were protected pretty well from the wind where we were fishing, but there were a lot of other people in that same cove. We were flipping a sweet beaver and a jig in about 8'-14'. The trick was to get the bait as close to the tree as you could, let it hit bottom, move it an inch or two and let it sit again. That’s when they’d hit it.” By 11:00, they had a limit in the live well that weighed around 26 pounds. “The last 30 minutes we had to fish, we noticed a tree that no one else was fishing. There, we caught one that we were able to cull with, and that’s what we needed to win 3rd place. We just got lucky today.” Bass Champs presented them with a check for $3,000.
Eric White caught the Big Bass of the day, fishing with partner George Steele. “I was fishing in about 15', on a stumpy flat. It was near the end of the day, and I was throwing a Carolina rigged watermelon fluke. She hit it pretty hard. I set the hook and the fight was on. She jumped out of the water a few times, then came right to the boat and we just scooped her up.” They won $1,000 for Big Bass.

Rounding out top 10:
4th $2,000 29.14 lbs Clint Haney & Tully Janszen
5th $1,200 28.72 lbs Trent Huckaby & Bubba Haralson
6th $1,090 28.06 lbs Justin Bauer & Shane Pfullman
7th $1,080 27.86 lbs Timothy Griffin & Mark Pena
8th $1,070 27.48 lbs Charles Whited & Phillip Walker
9th $1,060 27.28 lbs Leroy Medford & Ed Dancause
10th $1,050 26.90 lbs Johnnie Barnes III & Sonny Osborne Jr
...........and last in the money.......
27th $ 600 23.68 lbs Eb Smiley & Kenneth Whipple

The next tournament for the South Region will be April 21st at Choke Canyon, out of Caliham. Don’t forget to mark your calendars to fish the 1st Annual Dodge Mega Bass tournament July 29th on Sam Rayburn. Ten places will be paid each hour, and the biggest bass each hour will win that lucky angler a brand new Dodge pick up truck. A total of eight trucks will be given away, so don’t miss it! For more information on any Bass Champs tournaments, call 817-439-3274 or click to www.basschamps.com.
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