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Date: February 11, 2017
Region: 2017 East Region
Tournament: Toledo Bend #1
Tournament Trail: 2017 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Wilson & Lohr turned 36.11 pounds into over $20,000 in winnings
By: Patty Lenderman

HUGE sacks = BIG paydays on Toledo Bend at Bass Champs

Toledo Bend is HOT! Two teams brought in limits of bass in excess of 30 pounds in Bass Champs East Region second event of the season February 11, 2017. The top twenty-three teams weighed in 20 plus pound sacks! It was an exciting weigh in at Cypress Bend Marina as a new record was set with 312 teams competing for a portion of $83,300 to be won. Weights were stacked tight for those in the money, but the 1st place winners Kris Wilson and Bryan Lohr won by a leap to take home over $20,000!

Due to high winds expected during the tournament, teams were allowed to trailer their boats to any boat ramp on the lake for added safety on the water. The day started out with calm winds, and temperatures rose to the 80’s by the afternoon. By midday, the lake was rolling with white caps as the wind gained strength. With water temperatures rising and the full moon overhead, many teams found huge bass staging for the spawn, giving way to a spectacular show of bass at the weigh in.

As teams began rolling in to weigh their catch, several 20 pound sacks crossed the scales. It was evident from the beginning that it was going to be an exciting weigh in to watch. Due to the high number of teams registered for the event, the “Zero Bonus” was again offered for teams who did not catch enough pounds to garner a check in the regular line up. “We gave this option to teams to release their fish instead of weighing them in if they did not have enough to win a check. Every team who elected to release their fish were put into two drawings to win a $500 check,” Chad Potts explained. Weights quickly began to stack up tight, and the top weights were constantly rising.

When Kris Wilson and Bryan Lohr stepped up to weigh their fish, the top weight to beat was 22.97 pounds. They heaved their giant bag onto the scales, tallying a weight of 36.11 pounds. “We had a great day,” Wilson began. “We fished structure in about 17’ of water with a ¾ oz 6th Sense Hybrid Casting Jig. The fish were really biting. We had a limit in the boat by 8am.” They stayed in their first spot a little while longer, culling once before leaving it. “At that point we had over 30 pounds. We moved to our next spot and culled three more times. The key was the 17’ depth.” Continuing to several other areas, some in the backs of coves and others just off the main lake, they continued culling up their weight. “The biggest fish we culled weighed 6-3, plus we culled four or more 5-6 pounders!” Their weight held for a 1st place win and a check for $20,000. They also won the Sure-Life bonus for using the product in their livewell. Kris would like to thank his wife and his family for their support.

There was another huge sack brought in by 2nd place winners Ben and Bryan South. Their five fish limit tipped the scales at 32.21 pounds, earning a $6,500 check. They focused on flats in depths 5’ to 10’ deep with a 6th Sense Quake Series crankbait. They would like to thank the Lord & their families for their support.

3rd place winners Sean Kennon and Jordan Hollingsworth found their success with ¾ ounce Football jigs in 25’ of water. Their five fish limit weighed in at 25.58 pounds for a $5,000 payday. “We’d like to thank the Good Lord for being with us.”

Rounding out the top 10 teams:
4th $4,000 24.63 lbs Chantz Wilkinson & Doug Wilkinson
5th $3,000 23.59 lbs Rusty West & Levi West
6th $2,500+ 23.51 lbs Derek Mong & Tammy Mong
7th $2,000 23.00 lbs Marcus Parker & Kyle Smith
8th $1,750 22.97 lbs Ben Matsubu & Brandon Davidson
8th $1,750 22.97 lbs Shelby Shaw & Lance Hughes
10th $1,600 22.96 lbs Harold Allen & Matt Loetscher
and last in the money
41st $600 18.13 lbs Teddy Cloide & Wesley Dawson

Now let’s talk about the Big Bass category. Six teams brought in lunkers over eight pounds. One team brought in a 9.46. But come on – this is Toledo Bend! The biggest bass of the day weighed in at a whopping 10.71 lbs, caught by Frank Polley fishing with Lynn Atkinson. This beautiful sow was the teams’ fifth fish of the morning, catching a $1,000 check and anchoring their 24th place overall finish for another $1,010 check. Abu Garcia kicked in and added to their winnings with the Revo bonus. “We just had a great day,” Atkinson said with a smile. “It was great fishing the tournament with my partner Frank, and being with him when he caught that fish!”

Several teams increased their winnings qualifying for Bass Champs’ great sponsor bonuses. Be sure and read the sponsor pages to find out how to qualify – it’s easy and puts more winnings in your pocket!
Sure Life Bonus – Kris Wilson & Bryan Lohr
Skeeter Bonus – Derek Mong & Tammy Mong
Lowrance Gen3 Bonus – Derek Mong & Tammy Mong
Sportsman’s Auto Network Bonus – Scott Dean & Garrick McPherson

All Bass Champs regular season tournaments are open for anyone to enter. With two of four East Region events now on the books, the Angler of the Year race is stacking up. The top five teams so far:
700 pts Ben Matsubu & Brandon Davidson
698 pts Kris Wilson & Bryan Lohr
696 pts Clayton Boulware & Albert Collins
673 pts Scott Dean & Garrick McPherson
671 pts Harold Allen & Matt Loetscher

The team who accumulates the most points in their region after all four events have been fished will achieve the Angler of the Year status, and receive FREE entries into the 2018 season for the region they won the title for! It is still anyone’s game – good luck to all teams!

Don’t miss a single chance to win big in Bass Champs tournaments. So far top teams have earned $300,500 in four events!
Jan 14 – East Region – Sam Rayburn PAID $106,900
Jan 21 – South Region – Falcon PAID $49,650
Feb 4 – Central Region – Travis PAID $52,450
Feb 11 – East Region – Toledo Bend PAID $91,500

Chad Potts, President of Bass Champs reminded everyone: “The 9th Annual Sportsmans Auto Network Mega Bass event on Lake Fork is coming up March 19. It is the richest one day hourly event in the world with $20,000 given away every single hour of the tournament. Two Skeeter boats will also be given away at the end of the day for the anglers catching the biggest bass over the slot and the biggest bass under the slot! More sponsors are adding to the winnings too! One of the bonus opportunities is through the Sportsman’s Auto Network. If you have a dealership you use, encourage them to sign up into the Sportsman’s Auto Network. It’s easy, and increases your chances to win even more!”

Feb 18 – North Region – Cedar Creek
Feb 25 – South Region – Amistad
March 4 – Central Region - LBJ
March 11 – East Region – Sam Rayburn
March 19 – Mega Bass – Lake Fork
March 25 – South Region - Falcon
April 1 – North Region – Ray Roberts
April 8 – Central Region - Belton
April 22 – South Region - Amistad
April 29 – North Region – Lake Fork
May 13 – East Region – Toledo Bend
May 20 – Central Region - LBJ
June 3 – North Region – Tawakoni
June 9-11 – Skeeter Owner’s Tournament – Fork
June 25 – Techron TX Shootout – Sam Rayburn
Oct 14-15 – 2017 Team Championship – TBA
Oct 21-22 – 12th Annual Berkley Big Bass - Fork

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