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Date: May 21, 2011
Region: 2011 South Region
Tournament: Lake OH Ivie
Tournament Trail: 2011 Bass Champs Tournament Trail
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Several 30# sacks brought in at Bass Champs on O.H. Ivie – Lone Angler Frank Ramsey wins with 33.79 lbs
By: Patty Lenderman

O.H. Ivie granted several Bass Champs South Region teams a dream fishing day May 21, 2011. Four double digit bass were registered, and five bags over 30 pounds! Frank Ramsey fished by himself bringing in over 33 pounds to win $20,000.

“It was a day that every fisherman dreams of”, Ramsey said about the tournament day he experienced. “I had never fished Ivie before, so I looked up fishing reports, studied maps, etc. The reports I found said to fish deep. That’s what I started out doing.” It didn’t take him long to find out that, at least that day, it wasn’t working. Changing tactics and heading to a shallow flat area, he tied on a Zara Spook. “Right away I started catching one big bass after another!” That lasted for about an hour, and when it slowed down he switched to a square bill crank bait. “With that, I was catching a 3 or 4 pounder every other cast. They bit well doing that for about an hour, then I headed back to my first spot, the flat, fishing more toward the outer ridge of it.” The fish had moved, or just shut down. He tried moving to a main lake area, but only managed small fish from it. “I just kept asking myself where did the big fish go?” Looking around at his surroundings, he headed to an area that had the first sign of cover. It was a small tree line near the flat. “There were other boats fishing the outer portions of the area, and I asked if they would mind if I squeezed between them to fish the 2’ water. They just kind of laughed and said ‘go ahead’. This time I tried a green pumpkin pepper wacky worm.” He hit the nail on the head, and found where the bass had migrated to. “After culling a few more times, and missing three that were somewhere in the 10 pound range, I could tell that the bass in my livewell were getting stressed, so I headed in early – about 1:00.” His total weight was 33.79 lbs, winning 1st place. This is Frank’s first year to fish the Bass Champs tournament trail, and this is the one tournament his partner Johnny Ellis missed with other family activities. “I want to say what a group of first class anglers are fishing with Bass Champs. When I started catching fish at my last stop, there were several boats nearby. They could see that I was catching fish, but not one of them crowded me. They waited until I left the area before some of them went in to try it. I appreciate the respect they showed.” Bass Champs presented Ramsey with the guaranteed 1st place check of $20,000. “I have fished a lot of circuits. There are none better run than Bass Champs.” Ramsey would like to thank his sponsors for all of their help & support: Castaway, All-Terrain Tackle, Quantum Reels, Lock-N-Haul, Bass Pro, Strictly Fishing, C & E Outdoors, and NewMexicoBassFishing.com

Wendell Ramsey and Ronnie Wallace brought in another huge limit weighing 32.05 lbs that included a 10.96 lb kicker! “Our day was pretty exciting!” Wendell said after they won 2nd place and $3,000. “We started catching fish about 15 minutes into our day, starting with Ronnie catching the big one! We caught about 3 or 4 more keepers from that spot, then the bite slowed way down. After that, we just caught one here, one there.” They were using swim baits and 10” worms on a main lake grass flat ranging from 6’ to 12’ deep. “We stayed on that large flat all day and worked for every bite. We lost one fish pretty early that may have won the tournament for us.” During the week, Randall works at a hospital in San Angelo while Ronnie is a Vice President for a coffee company. They would like to thank their sponsors for their support: Rage Tail Lures, Field & Stream Sporting Goods, and Pro Line Trolling Motors.

There were four bass over 10 pounds weighed in, but Milton Bennett caught the biggest double digit bass of the day, fishing with partner Samson Jackson. “We were fishing main lake points with 10” Power Worms. The first two hours of fishing, the bite was really slow. The 11.94 was the first fish we put in our livewell!” Milton was using a Texas rigged 10” pumpkinseed power worm for this catch. “It was a real lite bite. I had no idea it was a big bass until I set the hook.” The team added another nice 9 pounder among others in their creel to win 10th place overall with 26.55 lbs. Bass Champs presented them with a $1,000 check for Big Bass and another $650 check for their 10th place finish. They also won the WFN Bonus. “I’d like to give a shout out to my wife Kathy, and thank her for her support and encouragement.” – Milton Bennett.

Sponsor Incentive Winners:
Dodge Ram Truck Entry Fee Bonus Richard Broxton & Ricky Sanders
Skeeter Double Bonus Money ($750) Brandon Day & Johnny Grice
WFN Bonus Samson Jackson & Milton Bennett

Now that all five events are now in the books for the South Region and points have been tallied, William and Joseph Tompkins have officially earned Anglers of the Year title. With this prestigious accomplishment, the entry fees for this team will be waived for all South Region tournaments in the 2012 season. Congratulations!

The Championship will be held on Falcon Lake October 8-9, 2011. The 1st place winner will receive a new Skeeter ZX 225 powered by a Yamaha 225 SHO. Each region will have its own championship, but anyone who has entered all five events in any region qualifies to fish in all four championships!

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